Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet our two makeup artists!

We're getting ready for the new release of our boldboudoir 2011 website, and for it's spiffy new video page we wanted to add some video bio's of our makeup team! The new website is about a week away from it's launch but in the mean time we wanted to share with you the two videos that we shot!

Priscilla has been working with boldboudoir the longest. She is AMAZING! Her makeup is truly an art. Besides being a baddass makeup artist she has a cupcake business with our hairstylist Cat as well! They have a really fun blog so if you want to check them out click here! Here is her video!

Monicque is the newest member of our team here at boldboudoir. She is so sweet and rocks at makeup!! She also has her own facebook page where she gives daily makeup tips. =) Check her out!

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