Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love emails!!

I just got these two emails from the lovely Miss E. I did a shoot for her yesterday. I love my job SO MUCH!! It gives me so much joy to see the everyday woman do a shoot and realize just how sexy and beautiful she is and can be!! Thanks for the emails Miss E!

Thank you so much for the fun day! It was an adventure that I never thought i would be taking and I am excited to see the results. You were great and really made it easy and fun. I was so nervous before the shoot since I have LOTS of body image issue's because i am a larger woman BUT I didn't feel uncomfortable ONE BIT. Thank you again!!!!!!

Miss E.

I then sent her a photo teaser and this is the email she sent back =D

Ha......I had to tell you, I cant stop looking at these two pictures. THANK YOU soooooooo much! I literally have tears in my eyes! I think I look pretty.......I have never thought that about myself before! You are right.....we are our own worst critics. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I am going to be sitting on pins and needles waiting for our meeting....when did we say again?

Miss E

Her photo premiere is next Thursday and I cant wait. I'm hoping she'll let me post some gorgeous pics after she surprises her hubby!!

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